"Manners" is a song sung by the sensitive man in the episode The Sensitive Male. Before the song, Johnny Bravo has his eyes on a woman making a wish at a fountain. When the sensitive man asked what Johnny's angle is, Johnny said that he is going to say, "Hey, hot mama! Wanna go back to my place for a game of Twister?" The sensitive man told Johnny that calling a woman "hot mama" is not the way to win her over, and that he has got to show her some respect. Johnny asked the sensitive man how to do that, and the sensitive man explained by singing this song.



That's the way to sure success

You don't need that hairy chest

You need manners


She's the lock and that's the key

"Thank you", "Please", and "Pardon me"

That's manners

She's your little sugar dear

So treat her with respect

Call 800-ATT

Instead of just collect

If you try to flip her wig

Simply just by talking big

She'll say you're a sexist pig

With no manners!