"Girls Are Smart" is a song sung by a group of women in the episode Witch-ay Woman. This song got Johnny Bravo (or Jenny Brava) to learn a lesson about women after Madame Voila, a hypnotist and palm reader, turned him into a woman.


You think that men are pigs

I say we all know that's a fact

So listen to me, sister friend

'Cause I now have your back

They think they've got it going on

That they're a work of art

Don't pay them any mind and they will know

That girls are smart

Now that's what I'm talking about

Oh, yeah, girls are smart

You think that you are funky fresh

I know that you was cool

And with your grooving ups and moves

You know that you can rule

Girl, you got to think

And put your mind before your heart

'Cause the real important lesson is (Hey, hey, hey)

That girls are smart

Yeah, yeah, yeah

The packs of guys are wanting (What do they want to check out)

To check out this new girl

But now they're really bugging you

Your head is in a whirl

But don't you go a-fretting

Or let it get you in a bind

'Cause the last thing that they're checking out

Is Jenny's brilliant mind

It's time for you to use a little

Of your common sense

Use martial arts or pepper spray

It's all in self defense

You know you've got the strength

In your body, mind, and heart

And with that strength,

You'll also learn

Girls are smart

Break it down, ooh

Girls are smart